1. FFC Turbine Potsdam verpflichtet Patricia Hanebeck

Von am 6. April 2011 – 13.57 Uhr 70 Kommentare

Der Deutsche Meister 1. FFC Turbine Potsdam hat seine erste Neuverpflichtung für die kommende Bundesligasaison bekanntgeben und dabei einen bekannten Namen verpflichtet.

Patricia Hanebeck erhält einen Dreijahresvertrag und soll das Mittelfeld der Turbinen verstärken. Die 25-Jährige bestritt in der Vergangenheit 142 Bundesliga-Spiele und erzielte dabei 51 Tore. Seit 2009 hat sie sich aus der 1. Bundesliga zurückgezogen und spielt gegenwärtig bei Zweitligist 1. FC Köln.

„Mit Patrizia Hanebeck bekommt der Deutsche Meister eine echte Nummer 10 für die neue Saison und die nächsten drei Jahre“, kommentiert Turbine-Cheftrainer Bernd Schröder den ersten Neuzugang seiner Mannschaft zur Saison 2011/12. „Patrizia ist seit Jahren eine meiner Lieblingsspielerinnen und ich freue mich sehr darüber, dass sie zukünftig in unserer Mannschaft spielen wird.“

Zahlreiche Juniorinnen-Länderspiele
Hanebeck bestritt darüber hinaus 35 U17- und U19-Länderspiele für Deutschland und schoss dabei zehn Tore. Sie wurde 2004 U19-Weltmeisterin und erhielt im gleichen Jahr gemeinsam mit Anja Mittag und Célia Okoyino da Mbabi als überragende Nachwuchsspielerin die Fritz-Walter-Medaille des Deutschen Fußball-Bundes.

Markus Juchem (51) schreibt seit 2003 über Frauenfußball, für Medien wie Womensoccer.de, UEFA.com, FIFA.com, DFB.de, FAZ, NZZ und Kicker.

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  • laasee sagt:

    Yeah, I did not spell correctly, my apologies.

    Bresonik wears „10“ for FCR but she is a top defence/midfield player but not a playmaker – and never will be.
    Every season since 2007 Laudehr goes backwards. That is a worry for WM and also for FCR.

    In WM will Neid play Marozsan as the playmaker?….I do not think so.
    To play her as the „10“ would mean some big name players sitting on the bench – bruised egos.
    I would play Inka as the sole striker with Marozsan having the free role.
    That means a 3:5:2 type system. Neid will not do that and we shall see a stereotype 4:4:2. That is a pity.

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  • Speedcell sagt:

    I’d play it like that,too. A turbine defense (schmidt,peter,henning) because they know how to play it and I don’t think that we have to talk about fuss and bartusiak. Midfield…2 defensive player like bresonik and laudehr(?) and 3 more offensive player like bajramaj,kulig and behringer. And marozsan and grings as forwards…but it will always be a dream ;p

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  • laasee sagt:

    I can go with Peter and Henning as two of the three but with Schmidt I am not sure.
    It is only because I would go with Garefrekes as right side of the midfield and Poppi on the left side.
    Both can attack and defend.
    I like Schmidt a lot but with Garefrekes on the right it might not work so good for Bianca.

    Laudehr? no thanks….not even on the bench.
    Bajramaj as a substitute and impact player.
    Kulig? not for me. She is another item of the ‚merchandising brochure‘.
    I like Behringer a lot and if it would work as one of the three central midfield players then I would be happy.

    Also, Zietz should be in the squad and I would definitely play her.

    But as you say, we can ‚dream‘. Sylvia is the one that can turn all this top potential into success or a nightmare.

    The shortened Buli schedule and the ‚university preparation‘ does not fill me with confidence.
    In fact I worry that it is all going to go horribly wrong.

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  • waiiy sagt:

    Here is my DREAM:

    Keeper: Sarholz (in case of illness is Angerer okay 😉 )

    Defense: right side – Schmidt / center – Peter / left side – Henning

    6er: right side – Kulig / left side – Bresonik

    midfield offense: right side – Garefrekes / center – Bajramaj / left side – Okoyino Da Mbabi

    forwards: right side – Grings / left side – Popp

    I know, it’s only a dream and I also know that the old ladies like Prinz, Fuss and Bartusiak and also hrut players like Krahn will play.

    If Sylvia Neid will win the championship, all her decisions are okay. But if not she has to quit I think.


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  • Speedcell sagt:

    Schmidt is young but everytime I saw her she played really well. garefrekes and popp should play more offensive.

    Laudehr played not that good this season but I think she can motivate her to play a great world cup. Maybe it was because her mind wansn’t in duisburg anymore ?? Who knows…

    I’d like to see zietz in the team aswell. But kulig is good so it’s hard to choose only one who plays. And bajramaj…well…she really loves the ball…a bit too much I think. She keeps it too long and dribbles too much. It’s never good for a team who wants to play fast. But marozsan can play those amazing passes which are perfectly timed and erm…präzise in english ?? ;p

    I’m optimistic that they’ll play a great world cup but I hope that the defense will be changed.

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  • laasee sagt:

    „but I hope that the defense will be changed“ – that is another point we agree on.

    If the defence is changed, then the first name off the team sheet is Bartusiak!

    In Finland when Inka was receiving the official UEFA Award for star player of the Final, Theo and Sylvia made a special presentation to Saskia!
    That indicates many things – one being the role of the coach.
    Martina VT, Hope Powell and Vera Pauw are the three outstanding women coaches.
    A top coach decides the team on merit and is not influenced by other considerations.

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  • Speedcell sagt:

    I think that everything is already said about bartusiak…sometimes I have the impression that she doesn’t have to fight for her place in the team because she just got the ticket to the WC… I just hope that krahn will be totally fit and gets bartusiaks place. And if it’s a 442 then it should be henning-peter-krahn-schmidt.

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  • laasee sagt:

    Perhaps because I live so far away maybe it is easier to see what is happening. (I do not mean to sound arrogant).

    This is the team that I expect Neid to play against Canada on 26 June.


    Bresonik, Bartusiak, Krahn, Peter;
    Garefrekes, Hingst, Kulig, Laudehr;
    Prinz, Bajramaj.

    It is not what I want but what I think (and fear) will happen.

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  • waiiy sagt:


    I think you’ll be right (unfortenately). But we had dreamed what would be „our“ team. 😉


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  • laasee sagt:


    Yeah, dreams and reality are not often in the same bed.

    Frau Neid should be careful that she does not bring us nightmares!

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