Nasenbeinbruch bei Annemieke Kiesel

Von am 9. Februar 2011 – 22.50 Uhr 27 Kommentare

Der FCR 2001 Duisburg hat nicht nur das DFB-Pokal-Viertelfinale beim FC Bayern München mit 0:3 verloren, sondern auch eine verletzte Spielerin zu beklagen.

Annemieke Kiesel zog sich in der zweiten Halbzeit bei einem Zweikampf mit Bayern-Spielerin Julia Simic einen Nasenbeinbruch zu.

Dies ergab im Sportpark Aschheim eine erste Diagnose von Bayerns Mannschaftsärztin Ute M. von Stuckrad. Für Kiesel kam Anne van Bonn in der Schlussphase zum Einsatz (79.).

Markus Juchem (50) schreibt seit 2003 über Frauenfußball, für Medien wie,,,, FAZ, NZZ und Kicker.

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  • laasee sagt:


    I always correspond on here with no malice for other contributors.
    I can post fun/humour. I can post serious.

    I made the joke about this forum being your creation with a humour aspect but also within a serious context.

    If this forum was your creation then you would be responsible for comments that are censored and entire comments that fail to appear.
    It is clear that as this forum is not your creation that you can not be held responsible. You are innocent.

    Humour can often be a good vehicle to make a serious point.

  • Schenschtschina Futbolista sagt:

    Correct, lassee, this is also my opinion and so I agree with you! 🙂

  • Markus Juchem sagt:

    @laasee: It’s fully up to you to decide, whether to be a Womensoccer reader or not and it’s fully up to you as well to leave a comment or not. But if you are doing it, you have to follow certain guidelines (, as anybody else here.

    As told you before, you are violating the guidelines over and over again, so you shouldn’t be surprised and complain about edited or cancelled comments.

    Why don’t you create your own blog or website for spreading your ideas?

    Then you will have full control over the content being published.

  • laasee sagt:

    I always follow the rules and the ethos of free speech on all forums that I participate on.

    The principle of comment and debate on any forum is for the free exchange of views. Those views may on occassion be controversial and challenging but it is important that such views be allowed to be expressed.

    If we examine one example as a litmus test for polarising views, that is Inka Grings and the 40 month exile. Some people may express the opinion that she fully deserved to have the 40 month exile. An opposite view may be that the 40 month exile was unjust and was engineered by others within football. Who is right and who is wrong? The answer, as with many other matters, remains unresolved, but everyone is entitled to express an opinion. If in the fullness of time the answer is forthcoming that Inka was an idiot and that the 40 month exile was justified, then those who were of the opinion that Inka deserved it will be fully vindicated. Conversely, if in the fullness of time the answer was that Inka was ’stitched up‘, then those that voiced that opinion will be vindicated. In all likelihood it may be that the full facts will never be known with regard to this example. However, that does not mean that people can not have an opinion either way, and express their opinion, without fear.

    If people on here regard an opinion as being stupid then they have the right to challenge that opinion, or just ignore it. The whole essence of debate is where one set of views or opinions can be challenged by others. It is a very sad day when some opinions or some comments are deemed verboten.

    I like this forum a lot and enjoy reading and debating with the contributors on here. It can be serious debate or it can be really fun matters. I just wish that I was able to better write in German.


  • Schenschtschina Futbolista sagt:

    Wie auf den von mrx verlinkten Bildern des heutigen BL-Spieles FCR Duisburg gegen den SC07 Bad Neuenahr zu sehen ist, spielte Annemieke Kiesel nicht nur mit und das über die volle Distanz – nein auch noch gänzlich ohne Schutzmaske.
    À la bonne heure! 🙂

  • Ralf sagt:


    Hat jetzt nicht wirklich geklappt! 🙂

  • djane sagt:

    Annemieke Kiesel hat auch laut Vereins-HP doch keinen Nasenbeinbruch erlitten, sondern nur eine Prellung.